Winter weather certainly means different things in parts of the country and the world. A wintery evening on the back deck of a home in Florida might be a brisk 70 degrees or (gasp!) reach down into the low 40s or 30s! The northern US would scoff and sneer at such “warm” temperatures. The winter averages in Minnesota and Montana, for example, are in the single digits. If you want to enjoy your gazebo in winter, you first must be… Read More »

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Gazebos provide homeowners with an easy way to add shade and style to any outdoor space. They can be constructed on decks or on the grass for an attractive addition that’s functional and enjoyable. The two most common types of materials tend to be wood or metal, and the right choice for you is a very personal one. It’s a good idea to take a look at the differences between models. Weight considerations If you’re working with a deck and have concerns… Read More »

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There are so many different kinds of gazebos out there. Circular ones, rectangular ones, oval ones…ones of vinyl, metal, and wood. If you’re making the addition to your property, you want to like the look, and it helps to see some examples of great design. Octagonal Picture a calm lake, a white fence, and a shining sun. Or maybe it’s by the pool. An octagonal shape may be one of the most common designs along with much smaller circular ones and what… Read More »

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A unique outdoor space is a nice feature for any home, but deciding the best elements to include in that space can be difficult. Two common design choices that add to the form and function of any outdoor space are a gazebo and a pergola. There is a difference and deciding between the two isn’t an easy task as there are certain benefits to each. You’ll have to ask yourself what you want out of that outdoor space before you can… Read More »

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You’ve already got the gazebo, right? So why not take your pergola a step further? Why not incorporate the structure into the rest of your yardscape? Dressing your gazebo in the right landscaping can put the finishing touch on your backyard retreat. Of course, you should consider a couple important issues before you call your local landscaper or hop in the car and head for the nursery. How big is your gazebo? Choose your plants based on the size of… Read More »

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Maybe your gazebo isn’t the first place you think of when you think of holiday activities, but, you know, it could be. So if you’re tempted to write off the pergola simply because the weather outside is cold and frightful, take a moment. Give your imagination wings and before you know it, you’ll come up with any number of ways to transform your gazebo into the centerpiece of your own backyard Winter Wonderland. Of course, there are ways to make yours… Read More »

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As a celebration of thanks, this holiday happens during the beautiful season of autumn. Known for its vivid colors and spicy scents, fall has a harvest theme to it. Although people expect everything to calm down, nature is still a riot of sights and sounds that are exciting to be a part of. Instead of bringing nature indoors, a better way to appreciate the bounty from nature might be by going outdoors. If you have a gazebo or other outdoor structure,… Read More »

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While most people think of a gazebo as a purely warm-weather setting, your gazebo can be just as enjoyable during the winter. You may not want to roast chestnuts over an open fire, but there are plenty of ways to stay warm in your gazebo while you enjoy the colder weather. Electric infrared heating Infrared heaters can spread warmth throughout your gazebo without dangerous carbon monoxide emissions. Hanging infrared heaters are a good option for fixed gazebos with a sturdy frame and electrical… Read More »

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‘Tis the season to eat, drink, and be scary, and suitably spooky surroundings are always key to maintaining the mood. Maybe you’ve already festooned your house in orange and black, but if you enjoy decorating for Halloween even more than you like trimming the tree and decking the halls for Christmas, don’t forget your gazebo! Whether you decide to party under the pergola, simply light it up for Fright Night, or transform your gazebo into a fun, funky spook house… Read More »

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Gazebos were once a mostly public gathering place, but they’ve been moving over time from parks to private property. Home owners delight in the beauty and shape no matter what the size. However, a lot more enjoyment can be experienced by inviting others to share your gazebo as an entertainment spot. Check out these creative ways of how your gazebo can become a fun and memorable place for family and friends. Picnics in the rain Picnics are the height of… Read More »

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