Building a pool deck can be tricky business, especially if you’re doing it yourself. The best pool decks are resistant to the outdoor elements, easy on bare feet, and slip-proof. They should be easy to maintain and not too costly. While the most common deck materials like concrete, pavers, brick, or tile have benefits, there are also many less traditional materials that can make for an excellent substitute. Solid bamboo Bamboo is a much rarer pool deck material than other… Read More »

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The concept of pool enclosure lighting was initiated to both beautifully and simply light the pool cage. Rather than have all light sources come from spotlights or the home, designers looked for ways to utilize the existing metal structures strengths to their lighting advantage. As it later developed and gained popularity, this later included the patios and lanais. Lights are attached to the existing pool infrastructure without causing damage and can be manipulated to fit with the existing design. The nature of the… Read More »

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Imagine palm fronds swaying in the breeze, vibrant flowers blossoming against a clear blue backdrop, and the fresh scent of nature all around you. Does this sound like your tropical paradise? While you may not be able to journey to the tropics, there are many ways to fill your home with tropical flavor. By enhancing interior spaces with the beauty of natural elements and texture, you can create an environment with the fantastic feel of a tropical haven. Lighting The… Read More »

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It’s summer and the family is getting geared up to enjoy their fun in the sun. Everyone is excited to be able to go swimming in the family pool. With the summer heat also comes the potential for mosquitoes making your family and guests miserable. What you really need are a few sure-fire ways to keep the buzzing, uninvited pests from the pool area. The following four tips should help you to achieve a mosquito-free swimming zone. Eliminate standing water Mosquitoes… Read More »

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Considering a beautiful and stylish pool for your backyard? One thing to keep in mind is how the pool appears at night. Modern lighting technology allows pools to be transformed into spectacular, beautiful spectacles when the sun goes down. Take a look at these 20 beautiful, night time pools, and keep them in mind as you design your own. This moonlight pool in Florida shows how modern LED lighting can add a great atmospheric touch to a pool after hours…. Read More »

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A pool is a great addition to any home, but it can be made even better with many affordable pool accessories. These high-quality pool accessories will help you to maximize the fun from your pool for many years to come. SwivelSkim Elite Pool Skimmer This pool skimmer is the perfect tool to keep the water of your pool clean – includes a floating and swiveling net for easy push and pull operation. Solar Powered LED Pool Light This pool light needs… Read More »

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There are tons of pool designers in Tampa, but how do you know which ones are the best? No worries—we have done the work for you! Our team at Private Screens has researched dozens of pool designers in Tampa (and we’ve worked with many of them), and have compiled a list of the top ten. The criteria was the quality of their previous work, cost, financing options, warranty, experience, and customer satisfaction. Without further ado, here are the pool designers that we… Read More »

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When many people think about lighting their pool, they probably think often of the standard 12”, 500 watt incandescent light bulb. After all, most old swimming pools have this type of lighting. In the old days, the only way to light up your pool was to add more of these traditional bulbs. Lighting in those times was not a primary consideration for installing or designing a pool at home. How times have changed! Today, swimming pools, like most other items… Read More »

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What could be more relaxing than a stunning, modern pool design? Take a look at these pool designs, and think about how you might incorporate such elegant designs into your modern lifestyle. Perhaps you even could visit some of these pools someday! If complete, utter tranquility, crystal clear water and gorgeous mountains are your desire, this modern pool at the Jade Mountain Resort in St. Lucia is for you. It features all the amenities including a five star restaurant and… Read More »

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Modern swimming pools reflect the public’s insatiable appetite for luxury. Stunningly striking swimming pools are located in some of the most exotic locations in the world. Beautifully designed pools offer a breathtaking respite from the urban landscape. These architectural wonders combine added water features, structures and different materials to create an extraordinary sanctuary. There is nothing more satisfyingly indulgent for a homeowner than hopping into to their own private backyard oasis. Today’s swimming pools combine modern design with the latest… Read More »

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