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Brandon homeowners know that a pool is one of the best ways to beat the heat during the hot summer months. Driving through Brandon, you will notice many homeowners choose to go above and beyond the standard in-ground pool with custom pool and spa environments complete with outdoor kitchens and sitting areas. If you’re planning to remodel your backyard with a new pool, or your pool or spa has seen better days and you find yourself in need of pool… Read More »

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Transforming your pool into something special is particularly difficult if you have not experience with a home pool. You may need assistance from a pool contractor who can help you design something epic without spending all your money, but that too will cost money. Sometimes a pool area transformation can come with some outside-the-box thinking and keeping costs low doesn’t mean having to settle for less of an impact. Use what you’ve got If you’ve already made past improvements to your… Read More »

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o•a•sis /ō`āsis noun – 1. a pleasant or peaceful area in the midst of difficult, troubled, or hectic space. 2. A sanctuary. Let’s talk about getting away from it all, about luxurious oases of tranquility where time seems to slow down and the nagging worries of the workaday world simply fall away. Close your eyes and imagine, for example, a pool—water being the element most frequently associated with an enhanced sense of serenity—carefully and creatively designed to refresh you, mind,… Read More »

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Drive down Spring Hill Drive or one of the many Boulevards (Northcliffe, Mariner Deltona, Elgin, etc.) and chances are great that you’ll see backyard after backyard with a screened in pool. There’s a great chance that one of these designers and builders either put it in the ground or did some remodeling after heavy storms. They found someone—how can you find a reliable builder for your pool design needs in southern Hernando County? Just as our team did for pool planners in… Read More »

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When someone mentions the word “summer”, swimming pools are generally one of the first things that come to mind. Pools offer a great way to cool off, spend time with friends and family, and enjoy the sun. When planning to build a custom pool, homeowners have a lot of things to consider. Building a custom pool is a life-long investment and requires wise choices. You can save money on your custom pool and make it possible to enjoy the best… Read More »

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Summertime—the living is easy, and nothing beats whiling away those long, hot days and sultry nights in your backyard pool. Except, what if your backyard pool was ‘more’ and ‘better’? What if you could transform it into a luxurious oasis guaranteed to turn your friends and neighbors green with envy? What if you forget the what-ifs, and start thinking about what a pool renovation can do for you? Because of the possibilities of modern building techniques, plaster-finished pools skirted with… Read More »

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Question: When does the Great Outdoors become the Greater Outdoors? Answer: When talented professionals transform ordinary outdoor spaces into extraordinary works of art! Whether it be a contemporary backyard spa, a rustic outdoor room, or a synagogue courtyard in Illinois, a really gifted designer can create a breathtaking alfresco masterpiece guaranteed to catch the eye and delight the soul. Needless to say, there’s a lot of talent out there. Our own line-up of landscape designers who know how to punch… Read More »

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If you long for a backyard, patio and/or pool that can be your little slice of paradise, but an eyesore view is making escape impossible, cheer up! Turning sow’s ear scenery into a silk purse eye pleaser isn’t nearly as complicated as you may think. Beautification strategies are many and varied. Who ‘owns the ugly’ can often be the biggest factor. It’s mine If you do—that is, if your own backyard is the pimple blemishing your spotless paradise—a few well-chosen landscaping changes can work… Read More »

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Low maintenance landscaping is a big trend now, and it’s clear why. It refers to landscaping features and techniques that are easy to set up and to keep in good condition. Finding these yard improvements can be a bit tricky. Costs can vary greatly because of the many material choices, supplies, locations, and design needs. With a little planning and patience, you can redecorate your yard without high costs or a lot of work. Survey the spot What features of the area you’re looking… Read More »

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Building a pool deck can be tricky business, especially if you’re doing it yourself. The best pool decks are resistant to the outdoor elements, easy on bare feet, and slip-proof. They should be easy to maintain and not too costly. While the most common deck materials like concrete, pavers, brick, or tile have benefits, there are also many less traditional materials that can make for an excellent substitute. Solid bamboo Bamboo is a much rarer pool deck material than other… Read More »

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