4 Accessories to Make Your Pool More Comfortable

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If you own a pool, or you are planning to own one, it is clear that recreating and relaxing is an object of your desires and the idea of adding accessories for a more fun experience for you and your fiends is irresistible. It is surprising how simple accessories—whether higher pool slides, better LED lighting, or a new pool furniture—can go a long way in making your pool area a fun and thrilling place. Beyond the more common choices in comfort raising accessories, there are some less obvious non-essentials that will feel more like must-haves once you bring them around the pool.

Pool heaters

If you are a pool lover, then winter must be your greatest killjoy since you cannot enjoy swimming during this time of the year. With a pool heater, things are bound to change since a heated pool doubles and may even triple your comfortable swim season. You can choose to use a solar heater, gas or an electric heat pump depending on resources available to you and your preferences. Solar pool heating has the lowest operating costs in comparison to the electric heat pump and gas heating. However, an electric heat pump is more reliable than a solar pool heater since it delivers heat during cloudy and rainy weather and even at night. Some even double as chillers, which means taking a refreshingly cool dip in the summer might be possible even when the sun’s rays raise the temperature.

Pool misting system

There are other ways to cool off during the dog days of summer. Water retains heat much longer than air and it is normal to feel the pool to be warmer at night and during summer, but a misting system can be a great source of relief. While they vary, they generally operate through spraying ultrafine droplets of mist in areas surrounding the pool. Installing a misting system for your pool is a valuable investment since the system can significantly cool off your pool area. These are different from misters that spray near decks and patios, but work very much the same way and some installers may offer both services.

Pool covers

Just when you think that you have worked hard to maintain your pool, a wind blows and leaves your little paradise full of twigs, leaves and debris, and then you realize you need a pool cover. Although both vinyl covers and insulated vinyl cover are more long lasting, the solar/bubble covers are the most popular kind of pool covers due to their low costs. The type of cover to use depends on the type of pool, for instance public pools need safety covers. Several factors you need to consider when purchasing a pool cover are,

  • Color-light or dark color
  • Mode of operation- automatic, semi-automatic or a manual cover
  • Whether you want a transparent or opaque cover

Keeping clean is almost a side-benefit. The US Department of Energy strongly recommends a pool cover, regardless of whether you employ solar heating or not. It reduces both evaporation and the need to ventilate for indoor pools.

Pool shades

Whereas covers serve a more functional purpose, pool shades serve both a functional and decorative purpose. Despite pool lovers enjoying sun bathing, too much exposure to UV rays will have very uncomfortable results. Keep the aloe vera gel handy.

Other than protecting you from sunburns, a pool shade gives your pool a touch of sophistication and serenity. There are many creative ways to shade your pool including:

  • Pergolas
  • Cantilevers
  • Poolside freestanding structures
  • Retractable enclosures
  • Retractable shade canopies
  • Shade sails

Use these few pool accessories to turn you pool into glorious bliss.

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