4 Accessories for the Ultimate Nighttime Pool Experience

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Swimming is a favorite part of everyone’s summer. By implementing the right equipment, the pool doesn’t have to be just a spot to hit during the heat of the day. It can offer round-the-clock enjoyment. Choosing the right accessories can make your pool the center of attention even at night!

Pool lighting

Thanks to a wide-variety of different options, when it comes to lighting up your pool, your imagination is the limit! Nothing brings a nighttime pool party to life like the beautiful glow of multi-colored water.

Pool enclosure lighting is an option where lights are installed into your existing pool structure. Dimming capabilities make it possible to quickly change your pool from a wild party scene to a relaxing oasis, giving you the ability to entertain a crowd or enjoy a peaceful get-away from the comfort of your own backyard.

If you’re hosting a seasonal party or want to celebrate an event around the pool, holiday lighting makes it possible to embellish on the special event. With specially designed lights, parties can range from fun and playful to more romantic and enchanting.

Water features offer a beautiful display of lights and water mingled together. Lighted fountains give off a beautiful, exciting effect that will put fireworks to shame. Floating disco balls create multi-colors ripples, making swimming as exciting as hitting the dance floor. Light up water features can be found in a wide variety of different shapes and designs, making them enjoyable for any occasion.

Fire pits and patio heaters

Placed near to the pool, fire pits and patio heaters can provide an area of warmth once you and your guests step out of the water into the cool night air. These accessories are perfect for those who want to roast hotdogs close to the pool before they jump back into the water, and make dinner parties a whole lot more fun! When the weather may be too cold for some of your guest to take a dip, but you still want to enjoy the space around your pool, heaters can provide a little warmth around seating areas. Just make sure you follow all manufacturer instructions and keep them clear of the water’s edge!

Tiki torches

Everybody loves a good tiki torch, and they are the perfect low-cost addition to any swimming pool area. Tiki torches come in a wide variety of different patterns and designs, making it possible to easily blend them in with any decorating style. Some types are also insect-repellant. Solar tiki torches are a great option for anyone who want to save money on an electric bill or for those who are concerned about the risk of flames.

Pool projectors

Take a cue from family resorts and turn your pool area into the coolest place to watch movies when the sun goes down! Pool projectors come in a variety of types—from high-tech and high quality to easily installed and easy to operate. Whether you install it yourself or opt for a more permanent and showy theater showcase, you could be enjoying everything from television to movies from the comfort of your water floaties. Some set-ups may even allow you to stream music and movies right from poolside with nothing more than a smartphone. Some can even cast light on more than just a screen and project colorful light right into the dancing waters of the pool! Consider exercising while watching TV  without sweating it out on a treadmill or while doing sit-ups and push-ups on the floor of your living room. Now you may be able to binge-watch while swimming laps!

With a little bit of creativity, your swimming pool can become the focal point of sleepovers, dinner parties, and family get-togethers. Adding night-friendly accessories is the perfect way to upgrade your pool and enhance your level of enjoyment, but be careful! Once you make your pool nighttime accessible, you may never want to go back inside!

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