Host the Ultimate 4th of July Celebration in Your Gazebo

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Fourth of July is on the horizon, and you’re busily getting ready for your party in your new gazebo. Haphazardly throwing together a soiree is not the best idea; instead, you should take the necessary steps to plan it out for a day and night of perfection.


At Fourth of July parties, most people are looking for summer staples. Including hot dogs, hamburgers, ribs and barbecued chicken is a smart idea. However, you should also include foods that are red, white and blue. A trifle at dessert, or different dips at the start, are great ways to infuse the colors of the holiday into menu options that everyone loves.


Before you plan to add any fireworks to your celebration, you need to make sure they are legal in your area. You should also check into what type of fireworks you are allowed to have. Keeping children away from the fireworks is of utmost importance. In fact, you may want to choose a show put on by an entity in the community. You can all safely sit in the gazebo and watch from the house.


While the fireworks will provide entertainment at night, consider what guests will do during the day. You may want to hire a DJ to play tunes so that people can dance; at the least, put out a radio. If a number of children are attending the party, consider hiring a clown, magician or face painter to keep them entertained. Adding in a professional bartender will allow the adults to sample all of their favorite beverages.


The fact that you have a gazebo will help to preclude some of the problems with pests. If the mosquitoes are biting frequently, people can stay inside. However, with the hot weather, they probably want to enjoy the outdoors too. Therefore, you should stock up on bug repellent and candles. Make sure that you do not leave foods sitting outside that could attract even more bugs to the area.

Sleeping area for small kids

Fourth of July parties tend to run past the bedtime of small kids although they may try to stay up to see the fireworks. In any case, you should have an area reserved for them to sleep. Make sure that the room is a comfortable temperature and that an adult is there to watch them.


In addition to having someone watch the kids, you also need to take other safety precautions. Many people tend to drink a decent amount on the Fourth of July, so you should collect keys and provide taxi numbers. Also, make sure that any person handling the fireworks is sober. On top of that, you should have a first aid kit available; make sure that you cell phones are right by in case of an emergency. Furthermore, many pets go missing on this holiday because the sound of the fireworks scares them; ensure that your pets are safe.

Following these tips will allow you to have a phenomenal celebration.

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