5 Inexpensive Ways to Transform Your Pool Area

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Transforming your pool into something special is particularly difficult if you have not experience with a home pool. You may need assistance from a pool contractor who can help you design something epic without spending all your money, but that too will cost money. Sometimes a pool area transformation can come with some outside-the-box thinking and keeping costs low doesn’t mean having to settle for less of an impact.

Use what you’ve got

If you’ve already made past improvements to your pool area, perhaps updating one or two or making a change to existing structures will be a better option that starting over. If you’ve got simple fencing around your pool, consider extending it upward. It may provide additional shade. Looking for more space? What items around the pool aren’t being used? Do you have an existing deck but space to add more? Instead of extending your existing deck, you can consider breaking up the scene by strategically placing pavers. Perhaps planting some greenery around your deck can give you shade in the future and in the meantime, a movable umbrella or shade can give you the comfort you’re seeking.

Seal and paint the poolside

Tearing up half your pool to change color or texture is a waste of your time and money. Seal the poolside area with a special sealant before painting, and add any colors you like. You may tile the poolside area, paint it or extend it. Do not do away with your pool when you merely want to add a bit of character to the pool.

Install seating

Your pool is a lovely place to read, sun or relax outside your home. Sprucing up the pool area requires new seating arrangements. Think big like you are planning the pool at a large hotel. Set up a line of lounge chairs beside the pool, and put up umbrellas over the chairs. Everyone in your family can relax by the pool, and your guests can sit by the pool to talk during parties. If you’ve already got seating, what about shade? You don’t have to opt for permanent structures and depending on your pool layout, you may have natural cover and simply rearrange your existing seating into a new layout to take advantage.

Install better lighting

Lighting around your pool area cannot come from the side of your home. The single flood light that sits over your deck will not light your adequately, and you cannot use your pool safely without lights. You can install solar lamps that are charged during the day, and the lamps will come on at night automatically. Line each side of the pool with lamps, and you will have enough light to read when you visit the pool at night.

Beachcomber torches can be staked in the ground, and you may light them with a match every night, or a large street lamp will provide enough light to cover the entire pool. Set up poles on all four corners of the pool, and use a chain to hang lights over the pool area. You can get as creative as you want, and the pool will have lighting just as beautiful as your home.

Add a poolhouse

The idea of a poolhouse is often inflated in the American media. You do not need a cabin outside your home by the pool, but you can put a up shed that allows you a storage area by the pool. The poolhouse will house your filter, pump and pool supplies. The poolhouse will hold everything you need for the summer when it gets cold outside, and the poolhouse will help you store the furniture when winters rolls around.

Updating your pool area is an essential part of improving your home, and the pool will become the most valuable part of your property. New lighting, furniture, decking and colors will help you make the pool hospitable for most of the year. Your family will enjoy an outdoor seating area that is tranquil, and you will have an area that allows you to host parties all summer long.

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