6 Special Activities to Make the Most of Your Gazebo

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Gazebos were once a mostly public gathering place, but they’ve been moving over time from parks to private property. Home owners delight in the beauty and shape no matter what the size. However, a lot more enjoyment can be experienced by inviting others to share your gazebo as an entertainment spot. Check out these creative ways of how your gazebo can become a fun and memorable place for family and friends.

Picnics in the rain

Picnics are the height of enjoyment when the weather is warm. Lemonade, Iced tea, and an assortment of food can bring relaxation and good conversation. A football usually appears from nowhere and a little exercise makes the day. When planning a picnic, it is hard to keep up with the weather forecast and sometimes a cloud burst can dampen the festivities. Stay positive though, and be prepared with blankets and pillows for snuggling while the rain runs its course. Sometimes the unexpected creates the most amazing talk. Break out in song and watch the smiles appear as everyone joins in. Mother Nature can be spontaneous so take advantage of a change in events.

Wine tasting extravaganza

Bring on the soft rock music and prepare a center table with an assortment of wines. Wine tasting is a time for education, a way to break the ice, and to share past experiences. Have some fun with your guests as they try and show their knowledge of wine. Take a bottle of inexpensive white wine and add a few drops of dark red food coloring. Taste testers will never believe that what they are drinking is dyed white wine. Keep the bottles hidden until a taste test is done. See how many guests can actually tell the difference between expensive and inexpensive wine. Arrange interesting facts about wine on placards and watch the fun begin.

An outdoor bubble bath

Kids love water in the summer and they also love to blow bubbles. Combine the 2 by placing a child-sized pool inside your gazebo and fill with warm water. Add tons of bubble bath and turn the kids loose. You may want to have a garden hose close by as the water level will soon decrease. Watch their expressions as bubbles stick to hair, noses, and other places, forming characters. This is a great way to open up imaginations.

Star gazing

One of the oldest forms of enjoyment is gazing at the nighttime sky, pondering the universe. There are special nights when planets move close to earth, or meteors will flash by. Take your telescope out to the gazebo and invite a few friends to join in with the experience. If there is a radio show explaining the fantasies of this special moment, bring out your radio, as well.

A romantic dinner

Remembering certain dates can often slip your mind, but not when a special dinner creeps to the front of your mind. Under candle light, a favorite beverage, and special food, the stress of the day can magically float away and you are able to really see your partner as the wonderful person you first met.

Bird watching

Set the stage for your bird watching friends to enjoy by turning your gazebo into a base for finding and examining popular birds in your area. Return at the end of the day and share the results. This is not only a great way to get to know nature, but to share unknown bird facts.

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