7 Accessories to Transform Your Gazebo into Paradise

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If you have a gazebo, or plan to build one, you’ve already taken the first step toward creating a backyard retreat you can enjoy all year around. All you have to do now is unleash your imagination, think big, and choose accessories that will transform your gazebo into the all-weather paradise of your dreams. It’s probably safe to say you might be surprised by just how far you can run with those dreams.

Swings and/or hammocks

Nowhere is it written you have to settle for chairs in your gazebo. If you’re aiming for total relaxation, you may not be able to do better than wooden porch-type swings or a comfy hammock. Hammocks come in a wide range of shapes and styles, from round to rectangular, from rope to fabric. You’re bound to find one that expresses your personal vision and fits your gazebo’s size.

Fire features

A well-designed fire feature can exponentially increase the paradise factor in your gazebo, and there all kinds to choose from, ranging from simple to downright luxurious. There are some primary safety concerns you must consider. If your fire feature will be inside the gazebo, you want to make sure it’s standing on an inflammable surface, like a stone, paver, or tile insert/deck. Once you know you’re fireproof, you have to consider ventilation. After both of those concerns have been properly addressed, you can freely pick aesthetic features.

If it’s a fire pit or table, whether you opt for natural stone or man-made materials, your fire pit will lend your gazebo a cozy glow—not to mention a heaping helping of class. You can put the fire pit inside, or extend your gazebo by letting it spill onto a small flagstone patio and put the fire pit out there. A fire table is close cousin to the fire pit, with the added perk of being able to cook on, and dine around, it.

You might also try adding a fireplace—built-in or freestanding—to your gazebo takes luxury to new levels and keeps you comfortable under the pergola right through the winter.

A spa

Create paradise more truly by adding your own personal lagoon. Water features just naturally make everyone feel more relaxed; a warm water feature you can sink down into? That’s the ultimate! Plus, you can decide how much space to give it and how you want it to look—teacup cozy, vintage bathtub, sleek and sunken.

A kitchen and/or bar

A built-in gazebo bar can definitely add to that take-me-away tropical paradise sensation. Run an abbreviated or full bar along one side of the pergola, supplement your chairs and lounges with a couple bar stools, and you have a great gathering place. Maybe you’ve got the space for a full outdoor kitchen or a grill to go along with the bar. If the structure is near a pool, you might make it a wet bar. All your options depend on where things are located and your imagination as to how you can make pre-existing features work together.

A sound system

Music isn’t just for indoors anymore, so adding a sound system to your gazebo isn’t only possible, it’s a marvelous idea. There are a couple of ways you can do this. One involves installing outdoor wiring—if you don’t already have it—and snugging flush speakers under the roof overhang. The stereo components themselves are tucked in a rack/cabinet designed for that purpose. Installing wireless/bluetooth speakers and pairing them in with bluetooth stereo components or your MP3 player is another way to go.

An outdoor TV

If your idea of paradise includes ESPN or your favorite romantic comedies, you can set up your gazebo with a flat screen TV. Mount it over the fireplace mantle, on or between support posts. You can also tuck it in a cabinet.

Screens or curtains

Outdoor curtains can add richness and texture to your gazebo—sheers for summer elegance or opaque for lush privacy. Just remember, while curtains will afford some privacy and protection from pests and the elements, gazebo screens will do all of those things, and do them better. This would be your choice if you want to use your gazebo regardless of the weather. Better still, gazebo screens can be digitally printed with the scenery of your choice—mountains or tropical island, these screens can take you there.

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