8 Awesome Gazebo Ideas

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There are so many different kinds of gazebos out there. Circular ones, rectangular ones, oval ones…ones of vinyl, metal, and wood. If you’re making the addition to your property, you want to like the look, and it helps to see some examples of great design.


8 Awesome Gazebo Ideas-Octagonal

Picture a calm lake, a white fence, and a shining sun. Or maybe it’s by the pool. An octagonal shape may be one of the most common designs along with much smaller circular ones and what better way to start off a list of 8?

Imagine the white border trim, the roofing shingles, and the double tier roof. The columns are painted white – or any color you can think of. A reflection rippling in the water finishes the picture.

The size of the octagon can be as large or as small as needed—and the shape lends some structural integrity. Seating can easily be fitted to a side, and the shape makes getting the perfect amount of shade as simple as selecting a side to sit.

All wood

8 Awesome Gazebo Ideas-All wood

Wood makes for beautiful gazebos. Imagine a large one of any shape, nestled in a clearing in the wood, elevated from elements and with Amish craftsmanship.

Cedar and pine are the most typical woods that will be used for a gazebo. They are easily painted or stained and easily set up, plus they look fantastic. These are good for just about any need you can think of. Wooden gazebos also come in a variety of shapes.

Light metal

8 Awesome Gazebo Ideas-Light metal

A ping when it rains. Sturdy and durable. Cost effective shade near the water, or maybe tucked at the edge of a garden or out in plain site in a park. Metal gazebos offer a bit more flexibility. Depending on the location, you’ll have to consider whether the surface needs special treatment, because salt air will wreak havoc on unprotected aluminum.


8 Awesome Gazebo Ideas-Dodecagonal

Large sides. Wide around and long. Fits many people. A dodecagonal gazebo has 12 sides, and can offer a ton of coverage. If you want big, you’ll want more sides to reduce the size of the roof panels, but it also provides more possibilities for viewing angles.

Fully screened

8 Awesome Gazebo Ideas-Fully screened

A screened in gazebo can be any shape or size, but you’ll need more screening material the larger you go and more cuts for more sides. This makes sense if, for example, you’ve got a large raised deck but don’t want to enclose the entire area. If you want to enjoy the outside air but not the mosquito population, this is a style feature you’ll want to include.

Wrought iron open dome

8 Awesome Gazebo Ideas-Wrought iron open dome

Oh you’ve seen this kind before. Ornate and awe inspiring, but this is as much a part of the view as it is for viewing from. Large or small, the roof’s wrought iron work isn’t cheap, but everyone who sees it will know it—and they will be envious.

Soft Top

8 Awesome Gazebo Design Ideas-Soft top

Imagine being able to enjoy the sun rise from the chilly fall air in the yard, but stay in the shade and out of the elements. Soft top gazebos offer the flexibility of use that comes with a canvas or other fabric roof. If you’d like more sun or the roof gets damaged, you still have a usable or reusable structure.

Fabric gazebos

8 Awesome Gazebo Ideas-Fabric gazebos

Simple and slight structure with fabric curtains and roof, these can do a lot for a little. For small to medium areas, especially poolside or garden adjacent, these can be the perfect way to enjoy a sweet tea or a mint julep on a late summer afternoon. If the sunset shines too brightly on one chair, just pull the curtain out a smidge. If an autumn win gets just a bit too chilly, you can drape the entire area and use candle light for mood.

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