10 Gorgeous Gazebos that Feel Like a Dream Getaway

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A touch of the right atmosphere can go a long way—or rather, take you a long way. If you’ve ever had the urge to visit exotic locals or bask in the lap of luxury, you’re going to love these gazebos! Each one evokes a special ambiance that transforms it from mere gazebo to dream getaway.

Rainforest retreat

10 Gorgeous Gazebos that Feel Like a Dream Getaway-Rainforest retreat

Imagine yourself in a wooden, grass-roofed gazebo. Picture is like perched on stilts and surrounded by lush tropical greenery. An elevated walkway and rough-hewn steps lead you into a cozy, warmly glowing space with built-in shelves, simple furnishings, and windows with bamboo blinds. Civilization seems a world away in this rainforest retreat.

Mountain lodge

10 Gorgeous Gazebos that Feel Like a Dream Getaway-Mountain lodge

Natural elements—wood, brick, and stone pavers—give this gazebo a rustic mountain lodge feel uniquely suited to lift you above the everyday rat race. This mini-getaway is equipped with everything a great hideaway needs—a golden campfire glow, a cedar hot tub, a flagstone patio where you can sit under the stars.

Luxury on the water

10 Gorgeous Gazebos that Feel Like a Dream Getaway-Luxury on the water

With its peaked shingle roof, hardwood floors, and ornately carved folding doors enclosing a private bedroom, a stay in this gazebo would be akin to owning your own personal luxury hotel. Add a table for two on the railed balcony overlooking the water, and your dream getaway is complete!

Arabian nights

10 Gorgeous Gazebos that Feel Like a Dream Getaway-Arabian nights

Get away from the maddening crowd in a sheik’s tent draped in rich, colorful fabric. Fairy lights trimming the iron frame add to the warm glow cast by candles and a chandelier, as draperies, potted plants, and cushioned furniture complete your sense of basking among the Saharan dunes.

On the Ganges

10 Gorgeous Gazebos that Feel Like a Dream Getaway-On the Ganges

Welcome to a taste of India. From its tiered roof to its lacy woodwork and glossy tile floor, this gazebo is a gorgeous slice of Hindustan. Every element is designed to enhance an atmosphere of opulent oriental mystery—heavy drapes, rattan furniture, even a fountain. The fact that the gazebo has electricity and heating only makes this getaway more attractive.

Down on the bayou

10 Gorgeous Gazebos that Feel Like a Dream Getaway-Down on the bayou

Location, location, location. This simple gazebo equipped with plain wooden benches may not boast the luxurious frills of others we’ve looked at, but the setting can’t be beat. Quiet and serenity are the watchwords here, where a creek meanders between banks forested with tropical plants and Spanish moss feathers the limbs of ancient trees.

Sand and sea

10 Gorgeous Gazebos that Feel Like a Dream Getaway-Sand and sea

Sitting atop a planked wooden deck atop a sandy peninsula, this all-white wood gazebo has a view clear to the blue horizon. Simple furniture can be replaced by lounge chairs or pillowed couches, but make sure to leave a space to put a tropically flavored drink in this the perfect fresh-air-and-relaxation retreat.

Garden spa

10 Gorgeous Gazebos that Feel Like a Dream Getaway-Garden spa

While away the hours—or the whole day, if it suits you—in an Asian spa tucked at the end of a flagstone path that wanders through an outdoor garden. After all, what could be more relaxing than a leisurely soak in a hot tub set in wood-plank floors? If privacy or weather is an issue, simply close the sliding glass doors and/or draw the drapes as you bask in the glow of the hanging taka lantern.

Tea house

10 Gorgeous Gazebos that Feel Like a Dream Getaway-Tea house

Gazebos don’t come much more lavish than this tea house created with Tigerwood, bamboo, Ipe, and cedar. Retractable mesh screen doors afford both privacy and protection from the elements, while a faux tin ceiling contrasts sweetly with all that wonderful wood.

Provincial cottage

10 Gorgeous Gazebos that Feel Like a Dream Getaway-Provincial cottage

If your idea of a dream escape is cozy and provincial, you’ll love this sweet gazebo with its cottage-like feel. Overlooking a compact, curvy swimming pool, overhung by palms, and set on natural pavers, this gazebo getaway hides a snug, slightly Victorian bedroom behind louvered French doors.

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