How Long Does Gazebo Screen Last?

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When purchasing a screen for your household, the first thing you may want to know is how long does gazebo screen last. The enclosure for the gazebo may last anywhere from several years to a decade with proper maintenance. The life of the gazebo screen, however, depends on the type of screen purchased.

Why does my gazebo need screen in the first place?

There are several distinct functions for the gazebo enclosure for a home. The screen can serve as a barrier against bugs. It can reduce the amount of light absorbed, which provides a degree of privacy. It can also serve as a dividing mechanism to keep pets or children within a given space. Some are treated with a biocide that resists mildew and algae growth.

Screen materials

The gazebo screen can be made from a variety of materials, which determines how long it lasts. The screens are usually a woven mesh material made from fiberglass or polyester. Those that are more UV tolerant are less susceptible to damage from sunlight exposure and will retain their appearance longer. Larger holes in the mesh material can also play a role in how long the gazebo screen lasts. Larger holes are more likely to tear and degrade over time while smaller holes are much more effective barriers against pests. Any coating applied to the screen also adds to the durability of the screen.

How long does gazebo screen last?

The Phifer 18×14 screen will last around 8 years. The cheaper, Artisian wire screen variety can last between three and four years. This is because the grade of materials used in the design are cheaper. The Phifer 20×20 screen contains much tighter holes and blocks out tinier pests sometimes invisible to the eye. The Super Screen is capable of lasting up to 21 years. The polyester yarn makes it more resistant to regular wear and tear. Additional protective features include a biocide, which is capable of resisting mildew and algae. The biocide doubles as a repellant for insect. The Super Screen is 100 percent stronger than the Phifer 18×14 screen and is perfect for those planning to remain at their home for a long time.

Depending on your goals, any type of gazebo screen can meet your short-term UV ray and pest-resistance needs, but those made with a weaker material are less likely to last past three or four years. Those made with quality materials and treated with protective coatings are capable of lasting that much longer. Simulated tests indicate that some can last for 21 years or more.

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