How Long Does a Pool Enclosure Last?

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Do you wish that you were able to enjoy your swimming pool without battling debris and pesky mosquitos? With the use of a pool enclosure, that dream becomes a reality! Depending on the type of enclosure you have installed, a pool enclosure can provide a great way to swim regardless of the weather, gives protection from harmful sun rays, promotes safety by preventing pets and children from falling into the water, and makes it easier to maintain the pool.

Average life-span

Generally speaking, pool enclosures can last anywhere from five to twenty-years. The different materials, construction, and care make a huge difference, determining whether your enclosure will last just a few years or several decades. A pool enclosure is a large and beneficial investment. This article will explain how long a pool enclosure may last and help you decide which type of enclosure would provide your family with the most long-term protection.

Different types of material

Pool enclosures can be constructed from a wide variety of different materials depending on your personal preferences and price range. Fiberglass screen is popular to use on pool enclosures and comes with several different options. Phifer brand fiberglass usually lasts 10-12 years or up to 15 years with an extended lifespan. Super Screen brand boasts an average lifespan of up to 20 years, making it the most long-lasting fiberglass screen available. If you have pets, you might want to consider going with Pet Screen as it is more heavy duty and able to stand up against the rigors of animals. Enclosures can also come designed to block harmful UV rays, provide privacy, promote better view of the surroundings, and keep out insects. The life of your enclosure will depend drastically on what materials best suit your needs. If you want your enclosure to last the longest time, it is important not to choose Chinese-imported screen as it will only survive a few years. For the best pool enclosure, choose screen that is made in the United States.

Construction makes a difference

As with any project, the life-span of your enclosure will depend greatly on the construction and quality of craftsmanship. Find a carpenter who has experience in pool enclosures, and make sure that they have plenty of good references! Look at not only their projects that were recently completed, but enclosures that they built years ago. Don’t be afraid to ask lots of questions, compare prices, and shop around for the most knowledgeable carpenter. Remember, even with the best in supplies and materials, if your project isn’t built properly, it isn’t going to last!

Extra up-front costs may save money later

Everyone wants to save money; however, sometimes a little additional up-front cost can provide huge savings in the long run. This is definitely true when it comes to building a pool enclosure. While low-cost enclosures seem attractive, they may last as little as three or four years, costing you tremendous amounts of money in repairs over time. Before you construct an enclosure, do your research and find out which materials are going to save you money in the long-run.

An enclosure is a great way to make your experience by the pool even more enjoyable. By making smart choices and spending a little extra money, you can benefit from your pool like never before!

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