13 Ways to Keep Mosquitoes Away This Summer

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Mosquitoes carry all types of diseases, but the chemical compounds found in many repellents have their own risks. If you want a natural solution that’s safe for your family and even the pets, then you may need to get a little more creative and look beyond the drug store shelves.

Lovely lavender

Dress up your patio by hanging a colorful ribbon from the lights, and then spritz that fabric with lavender oil. You’ll love the scent, but the winged invaders won’t be able to stand it.

The right spices

Toss some rosemary on vegetables while you’re grilling to keep your patio peaceful. It’s a great addition to almost any food, and it’s available right on your grocer’s shelves.

Not so tasty

Eating garlic will quite literally change your skin as the oil is released through your pores. Add garlic to your diet and the mosquitoes won’t find you nearly as tasty.

Bats are our friends

Add some bat houses to your yard and let the mammals dine on mosquitoes while you sit back and relax. A single bat can eat up to 1,000 mosquitoes at night, and that makes them a truly eco-friendly choice.

Clean up

An ounce of prevention is always worth a pound of cure, so take the time to clear your yard of any standing water. If you have birdbaths, then change the water frequently to stop hatching eggs in their tracks. Areas that regularly turn swampy can be corrected by working with a landscaping company.

Get the layers

Choose long-sleeve clothing and pants made of lightweight, breezy materials, This will keep the mosquitoes safely off your skin without any uncomfortable sprays.

The best plants

In addition to citronella, consider planting rose geraniums in your garden. They don’t like the smell and may decide to look for different hunting grounds.

Embrace the other bugs

Even if you’re not a big fan of bugs, you may want to put out the welcome mat for some. Dragonflies, ground beetles and frogs are all family friendly predators who dine on mosquitoes.

About the traps

Electronic and chemical traps work by luring the mosquitoes to them. If you go with this type of system, then be sure to place it well away from seating areas.

Switch out the bulbs

Mosquitoes are drawn to bright white lights, but they seem to ignore yellow ones. Choose these colored fluorescents for your outdoor spaces.

Covers and screens

Make your outdoor space more attractive by adding a covered arbor or gazebo. With the overhead structure in place, you can easily invest in some netting to keep the little predators at bay.
Cooling off

Cooling off

Mosquitoes have a hard time flying in a stiff breeze, so fans might be the answer. You’ll keep the pests away and make your patio more comfortable.

A safer insecticide

Neem oil is extracted from a tree native to the Indian sub-continent, and it’s a natural insecticide. It’s safe to use, and will keep the mosquitoes off your skin.

Embrace a safer way to repel the mosquitoes. These smart changes will provide you with a more comfortable patio, and you won’t have to worry about any harmful chemicals.

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