40+ Mind-Blowingly Creative Pools

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Modern swimming pools reflect the public’s insatiable appetite for luxury. Stunningly striking swimming pools are located in some of the most exotic locations in the world. Beautifully designed pools offer a breathtaking respite from the urban landscape. These architectural wonders combine added water features, structures and different materials to create an extraordinary sanctuary. There is nothing more satisfyingly indulgent for a homeowner than hopping into to their own private backyard oasis.

Today’s swimming pools combine modern design with the latest technology. A stylish, modern swimming pool can add luxury to any surrounding. Contemporary swimming pools are a culmination of the imaginations of property owners and architects resulting in amazing, exotic designs. Spectacular, ultra-luxe pools create an exotic focal point that will inspire the awe of neighbors. By looking over the astonishing architecture of some of the world’s most exceptional pools, homeowners can imagine glamorous pool design concepts for their own home.


A stunning desert paradise is hidden from the elements by the high walled rocks of its natural surroundings. Its location makes it a real desert oasis hidden away in a protected Utah valley.


Tucked away in a private back yard, this negative edge pool overlooks the lush environment of its rural setting. Its granite surface contrasts the lush view, while the waterfall of the upper-level hot tub gently deposits into the pool.


Wood decks, a striking natural free-form pool and a faux boulder encased upper-level hot tub merge to create the ultimate backyard playground. The hot tub and swimming pool are accessed by gently flowing staircases that blend into the surroundings.


German design and a high-tech pool facade treat its viewers to an optical delight. Its contemporary, three-dimensional stretch ceiling opens up the interior space as the indoor-outdoor pool basin lets in the rustic environment.


An edgeless pool with a water feature that pours into the main basin recreates the feel of a roaring water park in this bay-front beauty. Water jets in the lower portion of the free-form pool complement the wet and wild theme of its design.


Fire contrasts water in this lakefront geometric, contemporary swimming pool and hot tub. A poolside gazebo with fireplace provides a sheltered area to gather and brings the amenities of home outdoors.


A waterfall gently flows over the over the mouth of the underpass of this this free-form pool. The rock pool feature creates the feeling of two pool spaces yet allows access to the separate areas.


This Shanghai swimming pool sits high in a skyscraper and features an invisible bottom that overlooks the city. This 24 story high, breathtaking pool is not for height-fearing swimmers.


An infinity edge pool rests in this opulent Mumbai residence and nestles under a shady sustainable garden. The refuge offers tranquility in the midst of the city’s bustle.


A cantilevered pool is a retreat for guests at a Dallas luxury hotel. The contemporary geometric swimming pool gives bathers an unblemished view of the city with its clear basin wall.


A Las Vegas water attraction surrounds a man-made aquatic eco-system. The beautiful wading pool features in pool chaise lounges so swimmers can enjoy the show. A free flowing fountain spray provides visual entertainment and relief from the Vegas heat.


Hotel guests look on as live sharks swim by a pool that surrounds the tank. If guests want a closer look at these intimidating predators, they can slide through the tank in a massive, three story water slide.


Simplicity exudes from this nautical accented, geometric lap pool. It features beautifully finished wood ceilings that add elegance to the room. The layout of the basin maximizes a compact space.


A geometric pool, with a negative edge, overlooks pristine Florida marshlands. Its award winning, gorgeous design features a hot tub accessed via footpath. The tiled basin linings contrast granite walkways.


These magnificent balcony wading pools combine a negative edge and invisible walled basin to create the illusion that the water is floating. The pools afford the residents of this Bombay luxury residence the ultimate in indulgence.


Exotic vegetation and high-tech LED pool lighting gives this free-form swimming pool a carnal yet contemporary look. Pool owners can program the lights to set any desired mood.


A free-form lap pool envelops a shady backyard patio, while its baby blue floor creates the illusion of pristine ocean water. The swimming pool’s grassy island complements the home’s eco design.


A futuristic pool combines the best of both worlds with cascading waterfalls and complementary LED lights. This striking swimming pool is ornamented with stone landscapes and features a second level waterslide.


This seaside villa swimming pool has an invisible edge and matches the structure’s ambiance. The geometric pool creates the impression of walking out the backdoor and into the ocean.


A man-made grotto with a flowing center waterfall and LED lighting creates an exotic, solitary outdoor retreat. The poolside deck exploits the space’s seclusion, while the grotto entrance conveys the feeling of a secret passageway.


Tribal accents around the fireplace pair with a striking water show created by poolside fountains. Strong, wood-beam construction with stone walkways creates an air of drama in the mountainside manse’s poolroom.


This luxury spa room features a geometric wading pool and hot tub. The spa integrates elongated pillar widths to add contemporary flair to classic Roman architecture. Lion’s head water fountains and wood beam ceilings add contrast to the room’s minimalist design.


A luxury home swimming pool offers a breathtaking view of a snow-capped, mountainous horizon. Beige granite floors, polished walls and LED light accents in the pool and ceiling give the room an ultra-modern flavor.


A French Alps chalet wading pool, with a granite walkway and basin bed, provides the ultimate luxury experience with poolside couches and a waterfall that flows into the soaking tub. The fountain’s bubbling resonances and the room’s warm colors make it the ideal relaxation room.


Intricate woodwork and white tiled walkways give this luxury home poolroom an air of nobility. The open architecture of the room works with the floor’s color scheme to provide an outdoor feel in an enclosed setting. The swimming pool features a built-in basketball hoop for impromptu in pool ball games.


An in home tropical paradise is sheltered by tall palm trees. This secret oasis mimics the feel of a hidden island with its gently angled entrance and flowing waterfalls. The wooden ceiling is modeled to resemble an island hut and reinforces the island theme.


Another view of this secret hideaway shows of the grotto-like enclosure’s contemporary features. The luxury wading pool features a separate glass enclosed hot tub, while LED lighting mimics the pristine waters of an exotic beach.


Rattan chaise lounges rest around the edge of this circular wading pool. The pool features a cave-like theme and a swim through opening to the outdoor swimming pool. The contemporary pool design and raw-rock accents contrast each other creating a sci-fi, fantasy presence.


This mollusk themed wading pool will make swimmers feel like a natural pearl. The base of the oyster’s shell houses a swim through passage to the outside swimming pool. The deep wading pool offers easy access with a built-in stairway.


This glass enclosed wading pool features travertine walkway pavers and a rock water fountain. Travertine is cool and gentle on bare feet. The pool features a barbecue kitchen and fireplace and looks out over a gentle forest.


A geometric swimming pool and round hot tub combine contemporary styling offset with stone pillars. The pool features high powered massaging water fountains and poolside lounges making it an idyllic space for entertaining.


An ultra-modern lap pool resides in a classic dwelling. The pool features a glass filled through, while the hot tub is illuminated with a chandelier modeled after the flames of the sun.


Minimalist design produced this strikingly contemporary in home swimming pool and hot tub. The traditional, L-shaped basin provides the optimal setup for couples or groups to practice laps, while gentle illumination softens the feel of the room.


This in home swimming pool features all the amenities of a day spa. Rooms off of the pool house a gym, shower room and sauna, and a staircase with an exaggerated run offers a dramatic entrance into the pool.


This manse swim room offers bold, contemporary styling overlooking a dense city. The swimming pool features a spiral sliding board and poolside fireplace pit. Its high ceiling and glass doors create an outdoor feeling year round.


This modern indoor swimming pool features intricate tile work and an oversized hot tub. The bi-level windows combine with a blue ceiling to mimic the feeling of the outdoors, while a mounted stag head accents the room with a Western flavor.


This ultramodern lap pool rests under a glass enclosed, cantilevered observation deck. Blue LED lighting creates a look of pure, sterile water, while a lounge area occupies the outer limits of the pool and an edgeless hot tube hides away at its head.


An indoor lap pool sits in line with its outdoor sibling as they overlook a beautiful water way. The outdoor pool creates the appearance of opening up into the backyard channel. Each pool has a separate rest area, and the indoor pool also houses a hot tub.


This indoor lap pool maximizes a small private residence space, while the high ceiling opens up the room. The room features a quaint breakfast nook and overlooks a lush wooded area.


A backyard swimming pool with an invisible wall creates the look of a free floating body of water. The staircase, which mirrors the in pool steps, adds to the illusion, and the blue tiled pool basin dramatizes the overall visual effect.


A free-form backyard pool overlooks a breathtaking body of water. Tropical trees surround the pool, and LED lights intensify the tint of the pool’s water. A zero-edge pool wall makes the bay and pool appear as one.


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