Minimal Effort Landscaping Around Your Pool

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Low maintenance landscaping is a big trend now, and it’s clear why. It refers to landscaping features and techniques that are easy to set up and to keep in good condition. Finding these yard improvements can be a bit tricky. Costs can vary greatly because of the many material choices, supplies, locations, and design needs. With a little planning and patience, you can redecorate your yard without high costs or a lot of work.

Survey the spot

What features of the area you’re looking to improve do you want to keep? Do you enjoy the shade that lovely tree casts over your lounger in the afternoon? Do you have patches of ground that just can’t grow grass while other spots can’t seem to be weeded often enough? Remember that the quirks in your yard can be made into a strength. Maybe that sunken place that floods in the rain would make sense as a pond or water feature. If you’re flexible with your design, you can transform the area in view of your pool into unforgettable landscape features.

Take a look at your resources

Once you know what you want to do, you have to decide how much you can spend. If you don’t have a large budget, a lot of what you might want to do might just not work. If you’re trying to make it low maintenance, you’re often going to look for durability of materials and that usually means paying a steeper price. If your budget isn’t big, what do you already have that you can use? Is there a box of LED lights in your garage? Do you have some houseplants that can go outside? Maybe your terrain contains rocks that under the right circumstances can be made decorative art. On your survey of your existing landscape, you might have found items you can re-purpose.

Get started

Starting your project will depend completely on what you’ve decided is going to work for you. The sky’s the limit, but here’s a few ideas for inspiration:

  • Gather up the rocks on your property and arrange them into a decorative border around a footpath. You can sprinkle a bag of rounded, colored glass among them to add a touch of interest. Just make sure the path doesn’t have the tendency to flood, or you will have to do a lot of work maintaining it because smaller pieces can sometimes float and require replacement.
  • Set up some solar-powered LED lights to give your pool area soft illumination in the evening. You can place these around the pool or use them to mark paths and obstacles like that tree stump you always stub your foot on. No need to change batteries and LED lights are some of the longest lasting around!
  • Create a walking path with stepping stones. Rougher concrete ones offer a non-slip surface if you walk around with wet bare feet after swimming. You can buy an inexpensive stack of 10 or 20 and install them in shallow, gravel-filled holes or simply drop the stones wherever you’d like the path to go.
  • Install a trellis or gazebo. These structures can solve a lot of problems, from offering shade to creating a privacy screen and you can get inexpensive kits for them. They may require an initial investment in time, but once the vines are trained into place, the screen will leaf out year after year with little maintenance.
  • Select tough bushes or plants. The sales associate at your local landscaping supplies store can point you in the right direction. If you have your heart set on something that needs a lot of water, plant it where your lawn tends to get more of it.
  • Consider building a raised garden. You can take old buckets, paint the outside, and fill them with a layer of gravel and dirt. That way you can move your flowers around as needed until you’ve created the perfect garden arrangement. You can also make a large bed by creating a box out of old cinderblocks, lining it with mesh, and filling it with gravel and dirt. It will blend seamlessly into your landscaping once the concrete weathers.

The best way to minimize effort, of course, would be to pay someone else to do it for you! Shop around and do some research on landscaping design companies in your area. In addition to providing locally efficient design ideas, you have someone taking your ideas and making them a reality for whatever budget you choose! All that’s left is to kick back in your poolside lounge chair with a cold drink of your choice!

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