What is Pool Enclosure Lighting?

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The concept of pool enclosure lighting was initiated to both beautifully and simply light the pool cage. Rather than have all light sources come from spotlights or the home, designers looked for ways to utilize the existing metal structures strengths to their lighting advantage. As it later developed and gained popularity, this later included the patios and lanais. Lights are attached to the existing pool infrastructure without causing damage and can be manipulated to fit with the existing design. The nature of the lighting is available in different colors and also different intensities. The most common forms are the incandescent and LED models which can both be dimmed depending on the condition. This dimming capability has the effect of creating beautiful as well as dramatic effects depending on the occasion that is being held by the pool. The matching of the screened enclosures can be handled through the use of fixtures which come in different shades.

The concept of pool enclosure lighting has gained acceptance as well as popularity over the last couple of years owing to the efficiency and the appeal it brings with it. One of the most common forms of pool enclosure lighting is the rail light system. While it was initially designed as a pool screen enclosure, current forms and models also have the added advantage of doubling up as forms of low cost security strategy. Further to this, the enclosure can also be used for the purpose of lighting the soffits of personal homes as well as businesses.

An enclosure lighting might have the option of being remote controlled that includes a dimming effect to set the amount of light intensity that is required at the various points of the pool. It is worth noting that different light intensities can be achieved for different parts depending on the specific taste and preferences of the individual.

The wiring process for pool enclosure lighting can be a simple one if handled by a knowledgeable installer and it comes already fitted with suitable plugins that can be fitted to any GFI or can also be hardwired. Some of the main features include:

  • Patented designs that cannot be found in any other location
  • A versatile use of original incandescent that can be fixed on decks, balconies, fences as well as other regions where the pool may be enclosed.
  • Professional assistance for the fitting as an after sale and this generally includes the warranty attached to it.
  • A dimmer feature that has variations between from dusk to the dawn.

Sometimes pool enclosure lighting features can be sold individually or together in kits. Professionally installed lighting comes with a higher level of sophistication. The most common concerns about the do-it-yourself products normally stem from the construction materials that have been used and availability. It is recommended that if the fixing is done by the individual, then the fixing should be done with the use of the same metal. Using a dissimilar metal to fasten might have the effect of leading to a deterioration of the two components. Having to replace or repair the structure shouldn’t be the price to pay for being able to enjoy your pool at night!


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