A New Take on Pool Privacy Screen

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Like any other Florida resident, Amy was very familiar with the concept of enclosing one’s pool with a screened frame. Called Florida rooms or screened rooms down in the south, these wonderful inventions keep debris such as leaves and sticks out of outdoor pools while also preventing insects and other critters from entering.

Amy and her family have a well-used screened room that surrounds their backyard pool and hot tub. Early morning and late night dips in the refreshing water are a regular occurrence in her household. However, there is one part of the experience that Amy does not really enjoy. While the screen keeps debris and animals out of her pool, it does not really provide any privacy. She knows that she could erect a privacy fence, but that would mean the loss of the breezes so commonly found in Florida.

So, Amy has resigned herself to the fact that she must look at the neighbor’s backyard patio, Florida room and those ugly bushes she hates. Furthermore, she has accepted the fact that her neighbors will be able to see into her Florida room with ease.

Imagine Amy’s surprise when she visited the home of her friend, Lilly, for an afternoon pool party. Upon entering Lilly’s Florida room, Amy saw the most beautiful vista with a white sand beach alongside turquoise waters, blue skies, and plenty of palm trees! At first, Amy thought that the image was printed on a solid material. However, when she moved closer to inspect it, she realized that the image was printed directly on the screen.


This meant that the breeze could still move freely through the screen while those enjoying the Florida room could delight in the beautiful images. Amy was even more excited to learn from Lilly that the image provided privacy as well. Lilly’s neighbors could not see into the Florida room at all.

Amy left Lilly’s house armed with the name of the company, Private Screens, who had created the printed pool privacy screen along with a few photos snapped on her smartphone. That evening, she showed the photos to her husband and together they both agreed that it would be a good idea to at least contact the company to find out what it would cost to purchase such a screen for their own Florida room.

They were pleasantly surprise to learn that the company would come directly to their house and provide them with a free consultation. They were also surprised to learn that they could customize their affordable, printed screen with some of the amazing photos Amy had taken on their last vacation.

Just a few weeks later, Amy invited her friend, Emma, to come over for afternoon pool party. Amy was eager to show off her newly installed printed screen. She was not disappointed at all when Emma stepped into the Florida room and gasped. Needless to say, Emma left equipped with the same information that Lilly had given Amy and a determination to acquire her own printed privacy screen.

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