3 Pool Renovation Ideas that Will Make Your Friends Drool

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Summertime—the living is easy, and nothing beats whiling away those long, hot days and sultry nights in your backyard pool. Except, what if your backyard pool was ‘more’ and ‘better’? What if you could transform it into a luxurious oasis guaranteed to turn your friends and neighbors green with envy?

What if you forget the what-ifs, and start thinking about what a pool renovation can do for you?

Because of the possibilities of modern building techniques, plaster-finished pools skirted with concrete decks are yesterday’s news. Today’s swimming pool designs incorporate unique shapes, natural materials, dramatic LED lighting, and fire and extra water features. You can opt for a wide range of build-ins—benches, tanning ledges, bars, and spas—in a veritable rainbow of colors.

With so many options out there, taking a look at a few designs might spark a brand new idea, taking your pool from ordinary to opulent.

On the rocks

3 Pool Renovation Ideas that Will Make Your Friends Drool - On the Rocks

If you’re the outdoorsy type, you’ll love this get-back-to-nature renovation idea. Replace an outdated concrete deck with irregular, cobbled, natural-stone and slightly contrasting coping. Bend that uninspired oval pool into a sweet kidney-shape equipped with LED lighting to color the water oh-so-blue, then add interest with a curved, stair-stepped stone wall that spouts a duo of thin streams into the pool. But why stop there? Give your pool area a touch of mountain lodge with a raised outdoor living room complete with fire feature, in this case a stone fireplace cupped in a second curving wall to connect all the elements. Seriously, what’s not to like?

Backyard oasis

3 Pool Renovation Ideas that Will Make Your Friends Drool - Backyard Oasis

A humdrum pool becomes your own personal oasis when you give it a slightly irregular shape, surround it with a natural-stone deck and coping, and pave the way into that cool, blue water with a gently-sloping, pebbled beach entrance. Crown the deep end with a raised spa, round in back and stair-stepped in front to let water cascade down into the pool. Complete your oasis with tropical landscaping—palms, decorative grasses, banana trees, hibiscus (depending on your climate zone)—and maybe use stones for mulch. Add Tiki torches, tuck a few fiber-optic spotlights in amongst the foliage, and you’ve got a retreat you can enjoy twenty-four seven.

Belly(flop)-up to the bar

3 Pool Renovation Ideas that Will Make Your Friends Drool - Belly(flop)-up to the Bar

Want to make those friends of yours really drool? The best way to do that is with the aromas of grilled food and the prospect of a refreshing drink. Why not take a cue from one of the myriad of Caribbean beach resorts and make your pool the place to lounge instead of just on the deck? If you’re spending the time and effort to make your outdoor space more inviting, you’d probably enjoy the benefits that come with setting aside space for an outdoor grill station or better yet, a full outdoor kitchen! If lots of plants and water features aren’t your thing, this can be a great way to wow and please your guests, even for those that might enjoy the outdoors but aren’t spending time in the pool. You could also add some shade with umbrellas or place seasonally colored lighting around the pool. When the sun goes down, you can light up some tiki torches to add ambiance while also keeping bugs at bay!

Your swimming pool can be more than a place to cool off when the mercury rises. The right renovation can transform your pool—maybe even your entire backyard—into an around-the-clock retreat where friends and family can kick back for years to come.

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