How to Save Money on Your Custom Pool

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When someone mentions the word “summer”, swimming pools are generally one of the first things that come to mind. Pools offer a great way to cool off, spend time with friends and family, and enjoy the sun. When planning to build a custom pool, homeowners have a lot of things to consider. Building a custom pool is a life-long investment and requires wise choices. You can save money on your custom pool and make it possible to enjoy the best summer has to offer without draining the bank account!

Start construction during the off-season

When one decides to build a custom pool, they generally want it immediately and certainly don’t want to wait until summer is over; however, delaying construction by a few months is a wise money choice. Pool builders stay swamped with work during the summer and, due to the demand for their services, can charge extra for their work. If you wait to begin construction until the off-season, builders will be much more anxious for work and typically offer deals. Not only will you save money, but workers won’t be in a rush and will be more likely to provide you with a better-constructed pool, which will save you even more money in the long run. The best time to start your custom pool construction is during the end of the season, but not so late that the concrete will freeze. Pools shouldn’t have the concrete poured anywhere within thirty days of temperatures staying below 25 degrees (Fahrenheit) for 24 hours.

Consider your actual needs

Sure, everyone would like to have an Olympic-sized pool, but if only two people are going to be swimming on a regular basis, it’s not the most practical idea. Consider how many people will use the pool on a day-to-day basis and how often you will truly use it for parties, then construct accordingly. A smaller pool will not only save money on labor and materials, but will also require less maintenance in the future. Start by building the pool itself, and then look into luxury items such as a patio and water heater. If you wait to buy the extras, you will have time to see if you actually need or want them. People who want to add water slides or other fun features can have the plumbing aspect completed during pool construction, and then postpone buying the actual item until the money is available.

Think ahead

When working on your custom pool design and layout, consider options that will save you money in the long run. Using a vinyl liner instead of concrete or fiberglass will save you significant money initially, but will require frequent replacement. When it comes to lighting, heating, and maintenance, consider not only the up-front cost, but how much you will spend each month.


Few people can install their own custom swimming pool; however, there are lots of things you can do yourself that will save you money. If you have carpentry skills, consider building your own patio or deck around the pool. Some hardware stores offer classes on fence building that will make it possible to easily set up your own safety fence around the pool. Pool kits are great options for those who are willing to tackle their own installation; however, this should only be done with extreme caution. If you try to install your own pool and don’t have experience, you will end up with a very expensive mess!

Don’t be stingy with the dirt

One expensive aspect of pool installation is having the excess dirt hauled away; some people choose to by-pass this bill by advertising that they have free dirt on the internet and in papers. By advertising that you have free dirt, not only will you be helping out others who may need the dirt for their construction projects, but you will also save money by having someone else remove it for free.

Having a custom-built pool doesn’t have to break the budget. By implementing some money-saving tips, having the pool of your dreams can become a reality!

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