Are Solar Gazebo Lights a Good Investment?

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With the hectic pace of life that most people are faced with in today’s fast-paced world, many homeowners look forward to relaxing in their backyard gazebo. Some are placed to take advantage of fantastic views, while others are designed to create a feeling of communing with nature in a quiet setting.

Regardless of the reason for retreating to a gazebo, it is imperative that it be comfortable and relaxing. It is a great place to enjoy during the day, but should not be limited to daytime hours only. In order to take full advantage of its ambiance and enchantment, lighting is necessary. Even though electricity is the power source of choice for most people, solar powered lights may be more practical and affordable.

Solar lighting benefits

Most gazebos are built away from a home, which can cause a problem if you want to install lighting in and around it. With electricity as the power source, this sometimes means that outlets and electrical cords are necessary. This is not only unattractive, but can pose a safety hazard.

Solar lights can provide easy and elegant lighting for the inside and outside of the gazebo without the nuisance of electrical cords. They provide a “green” way to enjoy a lighted retreat without harming the environment. Whether your goal is just to create a place to relax or entertain friends, solar lighting amplifies the beauty of the backyard long after the sun has gone down.

Types of solar lighting for gazebos

  • String or rope lights
  • Hanging lights
  • Pathway lights leading to the gazebo
  • Uplighting to illuminate the outside of the structure

Practicality of solar lighting

  • Solar lights are easy to install and set up
  • They use LED bulbs that last longer and illuminate the darkest pathway
  • Solar lights illuminate up to 12 hours
  • A built-in light sensor turns them off automatically
  • Weather resistant

Considerations for solar lighting

Solar lights must be placed in the right location that offers maximum sunshine during the daylight hours. Even though there will be cloudy days, it is important to place the lights in a spot where they collect the most energy on sunny days. This energy is necessary for them to operate at capacity. It is important to note that purchasing larger LED bulbs, non-plastic components, and high-quality photocells are more expensive, but are they the most efficient and last longer. Solar lights range in price from about $20.00 up to approximately $40.00 or more. The price depends on the options and special features of each one.

Solar lighting for the gazebo allows the homeowner to exercise creativity through the various designs and options. Because of its simplicity and energy efficiency, solar lighting is a good investment that makes the gazebo more welcoming and relaxing almost any time of the year.

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