Standard vs. Printed Screen—Which is Best for Your Gazebo?

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Do you look forward to spending time outside in your gazebo? Summertime is a great time to get outdoors and enjoy the weather with family and friends in your gazebo, but your neighbors unfortunately have the same idea most of the time.

Sometimes don’t you just wish you could enjoy your outdoor pool or back yard without worrying about who is looking in on you and watching your every move? Gazebo screens are a great solution to adding a either a little, or a lot of privacy to the back yard you have worked so hard on.

There are several types of gazebo privacy screens to choose from depending on what your tastes and preferences for privacy are. Let’s talk about both of them so that you can be more informed on which one will be perfect for you and your family.

Standard screen

Standard mesh gazebo screens are the most common, and you have likely seen them used before. They are made of a mesh material of varying patterns, with some adding a bit more privacy than others. The amount of privacy and function that your gazebo screen delivers depends on the mesh size and pattern.

If you are looking for increased visibility then you will want to opt for a larger diameter in the mesh. If you have pets that may scratch at the screen then you will want something a bit more durable such as a heavy duty mesh screen for your needs.

Regardless of which type of mesh you choose, the look and style of standard mesh screens is pretty simple. If what you need is a very plain and boring type of screen for your gazebo then a standard screen will do the job.

Printed screen

Printed mural gazebo screens are for those who wish to add a level of excitement to their back yard area. In addition to adding privacy to your backyard, pool, or entertaining area, printed screens really serve to spice up the look and feel of your favorite outdoor space.

And no matter what your tastes are, there is a printed screen for you. From nature scenes featuring beautiful mountains, lakes, rivers and oceans to sports and city scenes, there is something for everyone. And all printed screens are designed to be fade resistant and extremely durable. So if you have children or pets that may spend a fair amount of time touching and pulling at your gazebo screen, you can rest assured knowing that your printed screen is ultra-durable and resistant to common wear.

Aside from the wide variety of designs for printed gazebo screens, there are different levels of privacy that you may want to examine as well.

Partially private screen

Partially private screens are 70% more private than a standard mesh screen, while still allowing fresh air and light to move through them. They are made of a high-durability porous mesh and come in a wide variety of designs for any taste imaginable.

Perfectly private screen

Perfectly private screens are 100% private, meaning that your neighbors can not see you as you enjoy the outdoors in your gazebo. These perfectly private screens also block out harmful UV rays, keeping your skin covered and your gazebo looking great. Private printed screens area made of non-porous vinyl to ensure total privacy for you and your guests as you enjoy the outdoors.

No matter what your taste and needs, there are a lot of choices that you can make for your next printed gazebo screen. Why spend time outdoors in your relaxing gazebo worrying about your spying neighbors when you can have a beautiful landscape view from within.

All you need to do is select your level of privacy and the scene that matches your unique personality and decor and you are all ready to start enjoying your summer with family and friends in your beautiful gazebo.

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