Tropical-Themed Interior Design

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Imagine palm fronds swaying in the breeze, vibrant flowers blossoming against a clear blue backdrop, and the fresh scent of nature all around you. Does this sound like your tropical paradise? While you may not be able to journey to the tropics, there are many ways to fill your home with tropical flavor. By enhancing interior spaces with the beauty of natural elements and texture, you can create an environment with the fantastic feel of a tropical haven.


The right light fixtures will cast a dreamy backdrop.

  • Make use of fixtures with neutral tones, organic materials and dimming features. Woven lampshades from wicker or rattan blend in perfectly with an earthy décor.
  • Add an authentic tropical breeze to your space by installing a light fixture ceiling fan with exotic, leaf-shaped blades.
  • When the sun sets, candles and soft sconces will infuse the room with a striking glow, reminiscent of romantic evenings spent on the beach.

Color pallette

Have fun and play with your color scheme.

  • All shades of green, from vivid lime to subdued sage, will boost your sense of being outdoors.
  • White walls and popping color accents, such as turquoise, yellow and fuchsia floral patterns, will make your space will feel bright and airy.
  • Another route to go is to keep the color scheme neutral and natural. Choose from a wide variety of browns, ranging from ivory to tan to deep mocha. All of these tones hint at being surrounded by fresh hardwoods native to the tropics.


The right furniture will go a long way towards setting your tropical theme.

  • Exquisite wooden units carved from teak, balsa or bamboo make ideal focal points. Decorative and durable wicker furnishings, which suit both outdoor and indoor spaces, are a less expensive alternative.
  • One unique piece, such as a canopy bed with folds of cloth cascading gracefully from the wood posts, will immediately transform your home into a luxurious paradise retreat.
  • In general, when it comes to upholstered furniture and drapery, satin and burlap fabrics are both highly appropriate.

Decorative accessories

An abundance of lush greenery is an absolute necessity for both starting and finishing any home décor with a tropical theme.

  • Many tropical plants will thrive as house plants, such as rubber trees, palms, ferns and bamboo. Strategically placed pots with blooming foliage are the perfect accessory.
  • If you weren’t blessed with a green thumb and dread having to maintain live plants, have no fear. Faux vegetation can be just as successful in adding vibrancy to your interior.
  • Botanical and flowery motifs on your linens and wall art coordinate well with all tropical features, and can support your decorating scheme throughout the entire house.
  • Move beyond visual accessories and use scent. Light some aromatherapy candles in a light coconut or floral fragrance, and spread the tropics pleasantly into every nook and cranny of your home.
  • For sound, an indoor fountain will imbue the atmosphere with the gurgling sound of running water, conjuring up images of a soothing stream or gentle waterfall.

Rooms with a view

If your home gazes out upon a picturesque view of nature (even if it’s not on the water), glass walls and large picture windows are ideal architectural features to exploit. Sunlight and dazzling blue skies are the most direct way to embellish any space.

  • Sliding doors that lead to outdoor terraces offer a smooth transition between the indoors and outdoors.
  • If you don’t have a patio or balcony, hang a hammock by the window for a whimsical, tropical touch.

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