What Are Privacy Screens?

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Outdoor pools and patios are great for relaxing, basking in the sun, and offer a great a chance to beat the heat by taking a plunge. After a long day of work, it can be a haven for some serious unwinding time. Pools with screened enclosures can be a social gathering venue for enjoying a weekend barbecue with family and friends without having to worry about bugs. Screened in porches and patios can be a great spot to enjoy a breezy day or read or get a tan. Sometimes, having the space isn’t enough. Maybe you’d like to be able to enjoy a wonderful view where you have none or keep prying eyes of neighbors from making you uncomfortable. That’s where privacy screens can make a tremendous difference.

How do they work?

Privacy screens are man-made, printed, scenic murals on a canvas, customized according to your requests, that provide seclusion from the outside world. You select any image, and the manufacturer of the privacy screen can print it on a well-made screen. Privacy screens increase the aesthetics of your home, enhancing your view, and provides privacy from your neighbors, increasing the value of your home.

Why should I choose it?

Partially private enclosures allow you to choose where you want to limit the view inside while still seeing what you want to see outside and keep the breeze. It keeps the best of both worlds—the privacy you’re seeking without losing the benefits of the reason you built a pool enclosure in the first place. Perfectly private screens are available when you already have or have the need for an even more private enclosure. If you’ve got glass or have vinyl screens, you still have an option of having a custom image while also having the benefit of blocking out the weather you don’t want, like wind and UV rays.

It’s not just a pool thing

Privacy screens can add to the aesthetics of any screen rooms, as well as glass and acrylic rooms, screen doors, entry ways, and garage sliders. The privacy screen can be applied to almost any surface where you want to add a little more ‘oomph’ and it’s very customizable. You should check with your homeowner’s association to be sure it fits with those guidelines (if you have one), but possibilities are as numerous as your imagination.

What types are available?

There are types of privacy screening that work with screened enclosures and types that work elsewhere depending on your needs.

Screen enclosure privacy screening is made of high-quality material that are durable and difficult to destroy by hand. They’re also fade-resistant, using high-grade UV solvent inks. This ink is designed for long-term exposure to sun and have a life-span of seven to ten years. The digital printing used molecularly bonds the ink to the canvas, preventing the image from peeling and then to maximize the life span of the privacy screen, an extra coat of UV protectant is laminated on the screen. Partially private screens are made of porous mesh and allow light and air to pass through while perfectly private screens are made of non-porous vinyl, blocking out harmful UV Rays and offer complete privacy. Each type might have a different type of warranty, depending on the manufacturer.

Glass screening material is a high-quality static cling film that is placed directly on the glass or acrylic you are wishing to cover. The partially private screen of this type is  typically printed on clear static cling. It’s slightly transparent, protects against harmful UV rays, and reduces heat. The perfectly private variety would be typically on a white static cling, still allowing some sunlight  through, but blocking most of the harmful UV rays and also reducing heat.

Well-made privacy screens use the best materials and the highest technology available in printing for beautiful and long-lasting results. If all this sounds good to you, then start looking for the perfect image to get on your own custom privacy screen today! You’ll be starting a trend the whole neighborhood will surely want to follow.

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